Top 20 Popular Maternity Clothing Brands 2022

When looking for the best maternity apparel, you may be surprised by the wide range of fashionable options. For a long time, expecting mothers had few options regarding maternity clothing. Because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up your style just because you’re wearing maternity clothing. We know you’ll love these outfits since they’re adorable, bright, and full of personality.

Today’s pregnant ladies have a plethora of stylish options when it comes to maternity wear. Fortunately, several high-end maternity clothing brands now offer stylish options for the nine-and-a-half months of pregnancy. Here we look at some of the trendiest pregnancy clothes brands.

1. H&M

H&M Maternity

The H&M is a beautiful place to shop for basic and reasonably priced maternity apparel and some cute and flowy gowns.

Creation:  H&M’s high-quality materials are organic cotton, jersey, and linen. Moreover, the brand is devoted to sustainability, with a mindful line including items created from at least 50% recycled materials.

Stylish: The maternity dresses sold at H&M are among the most sought because they are incredibly fashionable and versatile and can be worn for any event.


Asos maternity

ASOS provides everything you could need to transition into motherhood, from maternity clothes while you’re pregnant to nursing bras after the baby is born.

Fashionable: ASOS creates fashionable and comfortable maternity garments designed to suit women before, during, and after their pregnancies. The ideal present for a new and expecting mom.


Hatch maternity

The HATCH Collection not only has its finger on the pulse of the most recent fashion trends but also provides high-quality apparel that may wear not just during pregnancy but even after delivery.

Style: You may choose traditional tent dresses, soft cashmere knitwear, designer denim, and more. It decides that HATCH is the most excellent brand of maternity clothes.

3. A Pea In The Pod 

A Pea In The Pod

The maternity boutique A Pea in the Pod offers something that will complement your sense of style, whether you are searching for charming clothing for a babymoon, comfortable loungewear, or a dress for a baby shower.

Best possible: A Pea in the Pod provides purchasers in today’s market with items that are affordable, traditional, and of high quality.

4. Seraphine


Seraphine accentuates a woman’s shifting curves and enthusiasm for assisting women in achieving a stylish pregnancy.

Stylish: Women worldwide can now enjoy Seraphine’s trademark Parisian elegant look and unparalleled levels of comfort and durability by adopting a fashion-forward approach to design.

4. Nordstrom


The selection of chic maternity apparel available at Nordstrom is unparalleled. The department store has a vast selection of well-known brands and high-end and more inexpensive versions from the same designers.

Fashionable: You may fill out your maternity wardrobe by shopping for everything from gym clothes to shapewear and nursing bras, as well as dresses and blouses.

5. Old Navy

Old Navy boutique

During the warmer months, Old Navy is a fantastic option for layering and may also be worn on its own. During the warmer months of my most recent pregnancy, my go-to wardrobe mainly consisted of a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of Soludos.

Suitable: Old Navy’s maternity range has the same low prices and casual vibe as the rest of the store’s offerings. Shop by trimester or explore stylish tees, layering tanks, jammies, and stretchy, comfortable pants at your leisure.

6. Mums & Bumps

Mums & Bumps

The one-stop store Mums & Bumps is the best destination for new mothers-to-be since it demonstrates that pregnancy and motherhood are not hurdles to outstanding style.

Design: Breastfeeding supplies such as comfy bras, outfits, sleepwear, and accessories are available at the store.

Stylish: The Mini-Me Collection is a must-have for mothers and their children to help new moms feel fresh and fashionable.

7. Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway is well-known for lowering the barrier of entry for high-end clothes. It is now widely recognized as the place to get the most fantastic maternity garments without spending money on them.

Design: A stylist will recommend beautiful pregnant attire depending on your preferences and current trimester.

8. Zara

Zara maternity

New pieces from the most recent collection by Zara include a variety of specialized pregnancy clothes designed to accommodate your changing form. These pieces range from slim jeans to oversized shirts, maternity dresses, and waterfall coats.

Stylish: Thanks to the wide range of menswear-inspired apparel and accessories, you and your bump can stay on trend this season.

Suitable: Check out some of ZARA’s best maternity picks for the holiday season, whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting and want to prepare for the long winter months ahead or your little one is due around Christmas.

9. Mango

Mango Store

Maternity clothes are a natural extension of Mango’s concept of dressing women for every occasion and stage of life. With pregnant women in mind, the maternity line was designed with ease of movement.

Element: Everything to make your bump as attractive as possible is made from cotton, most often used in clothing, and the patterns fit nicely on any body type.

10. JoJo Maman Bebe

JoJo Maman Bebe

A motif that formed an essential aspect of the company’s brand image was the traditional French Breton-style maritime apparel that served as a significant source of inspiration for JoJo Maman Bebe.

Fashionable: yet wearable was the goal of the maternity line, which was supposed to deviate from the current market norm of baggy tent dresses and dungarees. It also sells items for newborns and toddlers, such as cribs, presents, and toys.

11. GAP

GAP store

 Pregnant women who want to look and feel attractive while carrying their babies will find a wide variety of fashionable maternity clothing at Gap.

Stylish: Pregnant women who want to look and feel attractive while carrying their babies will find a wide variety of fashionable maternity clothing at Gap.

12. M&S


M&S has got you covered with outfits designed from elastic materials for maximum comfort, whether you have just started showing, are almost due, or have just given birth.

Fashionable: Explore the variety of pregnant clothing, including jersey shirts with adjustable hems to fit your expanding belly.

13. Good American

Good American

Good American offers stylish, high-quality maternity wear for expectant mothers who don’t want to compromise on either comfort or style. Be ready to look comfortable, accept your new figure, and adore your pregnant body.

Material: Straight-leg fit and Good American’s unique and unexpectedly comfortable and forgiving super-stretch denim are featured in these faded denim Good American pieces.

14. Mom’s The Word 

Mom’s The Word

A visit to Mom’s The Word to stock up on essentials is worth your time if this is your first pregnancy. It’s a terrific place for moms-to-be on their second or third pregnancy to add to their existing maternity clothing while still keeping it current.

Clothes for pregnancy: The wide selection of high-quality jeans, undergarments, shirts, tanks, dresses, sweaters, and accessories found at Mom’s The Word makes it simple to wear comfortably throughout pregnancy.

15. Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity

Whether you’re looking for fancy duds or more practical, cheap clothing, Motherhood Maternity offers it all. We’ve compiled a list of the best maternity outfits and accessories to help you look great up to and through your fourth trimester.

Fashionable: Motherhood Pregnancy clothing is so soft and comfy that it is ideal for casual and formal maternity wear. Whether you’re looking for trendy maternity clothes or simple, comfortable sleepwear, Motherhood Maternity has it all.

16. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is for mothers eager to embrace every stage of pregnancy. The brand does well while making you look fantastic, precisely what mothers want when shopping for maternity clothes.

Material: Christy Dawn uses deadstock cloth and certified organic cotton from an Indian regenerative farm to create our collections. Shirred elastic on the majority of pieces makes them suitable for post-pregnancy use.

17. Mori


The laidback, bohemian vibes of the Mori eco-friendly maternity apparel label’s range allow pregnant moms to indulge in their love of fashion in the best possible comfort.

Stylish: These clothes are made of 100% organic cotton, which means it’s perfect for pregnancy and beyond, with a loose shape to support a growing belly and breathable cotton to keep you cool in the summer.

18. Boohoo

Boohoo’s ultra-affordable maternity line is an ideal choice when you want to save those pennies, with a vast selection of trendy pieces for mothers. It is a fantastic choice for when you want to save those pennies.

Fashionable: This summer, the boohoo maternity collection has everything you need to look and feel your best while pregnant. Our favorite denim shorts for pregnant women to wear on hot summer days is this one.

BooHoo maternity

19. Ingrid+Isabel


In addition to the exclusive bellyband for target and seamless essentials, Isabel Maternity will feature 120 different products with superior fit, function, and design, including off-the-shoulder gowns.

Stylish: Ingrid and Isabel believe that their products will make the transition into parenthood easier, more comfortable, joyful, and fashionable.

20. Kindred Bravely 

Kindred Bravely

The undergarments manufactured by the maternity clothing firm Kindred Bravely are particularly well-known. These include nursing bras, pumping bras, pregnant panties, and postpartum panties.

Outfit: All the materials are smooth and elastic, so you don’t have to worry about rolling or scraping into your skin. There are a wide variety of bra and underwear styles to pick from Kindred Bravely.

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