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What To Wear For A Triathlon Female?

When it comes to swimming, biking, and running in an event like the triathlon, many women have trouble choosing what clothing is best for them. Choosing the proper clothing and gear can be essential to performance and comfort, but it can also feel like an impossible task! It's important to find ...

The Boston Marathon 2018 Race Recap

The Boston Marathon 2018 has come and gone. It was a great day of running, with over 30,000 runners participating – 27,000 of which finished the race! There were about 30,000 runners in all, with 27,000 finishing. That's about one-third repping their fancy new marathoner's bibs. John Hancock ...

How Do Moms Do It All?

If you're a working mom, you know the guilt of missing a family event or not having enough time for your kids. You're constantly juggling work, childcare, and family duties with little time for yourself. We've got two lists of strategies to help you make it all work. The first list is a list of ...

15 High-Protein Breakfast Foods With Easy Recipes

Breakfast is considered an important meal that you should not skip. A quality breakfast will also help your day be more active and productive. You need to pay attention to adding a variety of nutrients to the dish, especially protein. Many people combine breakfast with protein-rich food to increase ...

My 5k Training Plan Meal Planning

Only a few 5K runners with stomachs made of "steel" can easily digest any food at any time. But for the rest, paying attention to what and when to eat makes the difference between a good runner and a bad runner. So when do you need a nutrition plan? For an easy run in about an hour or less, most ...

Pancake Paradise Round-up: 15 Recipes

Do you know what the origin of the pancake is? Pancake is a popular breakfast dish in many Western countries; pancakes are always attractive to anyone. There is nothing more satisfying to eat first thing in the morning than a stack of pancakes accompanied by a glass of fresh fruit juice. So, tell ...