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7 Factors Affect Runners Struggle To Lose Weight

A lot of runners are struggling with the weight. And it makes sense. Running burns calories, so you should be able to eat as many as you want and lose weight, right? Unfortunately, this is not true. Many factors affect a runner's struggle to lose weight, and they can all negatively impact your ...

9 Tips for Choosing a perfect training plan

Training plans are a way to break down an individual's goals, exercise plan, and other physical limitations into a more manageable protocol. They are an effective way to track progress, whether just beginning or working out for years. With that said, they can also be less than ideal if you don't ...

A Better Way To Train The Core

Many people have seen the trend of using an "ab workout" or "core" routine to gain muscle and lose weight. Those who use these routines typically start by doing a single set that involves 20 different core movements. Aside from the time and effort required, there are countless more reasons why this ...

Running Training Recap and One More Week To Go

If you have been training for your first 5k or 10k race, then you've probably heard the phrase a thousand times, "one more week to go". The last week of training leading up to your race will be tough, but it is doable. You just need to know what to expect and what workouts are coming.  ...